Contracts of Employment - What are the benefits?

-  Employer and employee have a clear understanding

   of what is expected during their term of employment.

-  Can eliminate any disputes which may arise at a later date

-  Helps the employee to understand what their rights are

   under law.


HR Support - Creation of the following:

-  Full-time & Part-Time

-  Fixed Term & Temporary

-  Senior & Junior

-  Internship

-  Kick Start Scheme

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Whether you need specific HR expertise or help with a

one-off project, I can provide the HR Support that’s right for your business.

You may need support with:

induction / on-boarding




flexible working

maternity / paternity / other family leave

performance management



Staff handbook

Staff Handbook - What are the benefits?

-  Gives you a solid foundation at an affordable price 

-  Incorporates and communicates clear key policies

    and procedures to all your staff

-  Introduces employees to your culture, mission and values

-  Communicates to employees what is expected of them

-  Showcases the benefits you offer

-  Helps protect employee claims

HR support

-  Creation of staff handbook which incorporates key policies

-  Review existing staff handbook

-  Ensure all policies and procedures are up to date with

   employment legislation

Review & Revamp - What are the benefits?

- To be in line and up-to-date with employment legislation

-  Protects you as the Employer

-  Identifies specific areas that need improvement


HR support

-  Review current processes in place

-  Report back on any areas where you could be legally exposed

-  Implement these changes

Psychometric testing

Psychometric Testing - What are the benefits?

Assessment takes just 8 minutes to complete

-  Recruit the right person 

-  Improve communication 

-  Motivate and engage staff

-  Identify areas of development

-  Manage performance

-  Instant access to the profile report

-  Affordable and competitive packages

HR support

Will go over the report with you in depth, providing   

    information on the employees':

-  Strengths and limitations

-  Communication style

-  Their value to the business

-  What motivates them

-  Their basic fears

-  How they behave under pressure