I work with software provider Breathe HR to offer an all-in-one automated HR Management system for your business.

Within the core HR features of the employee profile, absence management, performance and document recording, the system has the following key capabilities:

- Employee records - information and documents in one, secure central 


- Holiday booking - simple to use online holiday approval process.

- Performance management - manage reviews and objectives.

- Absence management - record and track employee sickness.

- Document management – store employee specific documents and manage

   company policies.

- Connect and communicate with employees across the business.

- Staff Directory, including job titles and contact details.

- A public calendar for project deadlines, holidays and anniversaries.

- Company objectives and progress markers.

- Organisational charts.

Employees can use the system to view and amend their personal details, which are only available to themselves and their assigned management.

These details include contact information, payment details, holiday requests, sickness records and any assigned tasks.

breathe HR software